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When we talk about inbound marketing, one special database of the first things we talk about is often its permissive methodology. The philosophy of inbound is to produce content with high added value, responding to persona issues , to encourage your targets to know more about your activity. A company that deploys an inbound strategy therefore waits for a signal from a prospect before sending him messages. This is why premium, downloadable special database content (ebook, infographics, customer stories, etc.) is so important in inbound.

This is the content that will allow you to collect the special database email address of a prospect as well as other information that will help you qualify this prospect. By submitting this form, the prospect gives their consent, which will allow you to send them personalized content. To collect as many leads as possible, focus on content that is out of the ordinary, special database original, personalized, with real added value . In short, something that will convince your prospects.

To maximize the performance of your campaigns, you then special database have every interest in triggering your emails in reaction to an action from your prospects . A contact downloads your last ebook on commercial prospecting? Email him an article on LinkedIn Sales Navigator. If you offer a real source of additional information to your prospect, then they special database will appreciate receiving these personalized emails.